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General Safety Policy

At Jamie long coaching we strive and aim to protect and care for our students during our lesson times. Because of this, we ask the following things of each of our students.

  • Every student is to wear appropriate footwear (i.e. dance shoes for dance or non-heeled shoes for singing/acting), form-fitting sports attire so that you are able to move around freely and so that the teacher can see your dance lines and/or vocal support muscles working correctly and apply corrections.

  • When attending a dance class, the student must have signed the student registration form before commencing knowing the risks involved with dance training (e.g. potential injury from physical activity).

  • If your child is under the age of 18 years old, please ensure they have a way to and from lessons/are doing online lessons in an appropriate area.

  • Jamie Long Coaching is not responsible for any lost belongings after the classes have ended for the night. As we hire a venue, we cannot guarantee any lost property safety, so please ensure you take your belongings with you.

Billing Obligations and Cancelations Policy

Jamie Long Coaching is committed to providing exceptional service in a timely manner. Unfortunately, when a student cancels without giving enough notice, it prevents another student from gaining a lesson spot. No shows and late cancellation without a legitimate excuse or doctors’ certificate will incur the full fee of the lesson as specified below.

Full Payment Policy: If a student does not give any notice or gives less than 24 hours’ notice, a cancellation fee of the full lesson price will be incurred. If the payment is received later than 3 weeks, a late fee of $30 will occur. For every week the payment is late thereafter, an additional $10 will be added per week it’s overdue.

Cancellations: For a cancellation to occur any of the following rules apply.

  • Doctors certificate/Medical Certificate

  • 24+ hours’ notice or

  • Family emergency

Billing Obligations: Payment Plans can be arranged; however, we do request that the payment be made in full before the end of the week of the lesson. Billing Details can either be sent via invoice or arranged with teacher.

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